Friday, March 28, 2008

We're Back from the Smoky Mountains

We had a great time and lots of fun. It's funny how K.I.S.A. and I can have such a good time all by ourselves. Once the kids are grown and gone and it's just the two of you again it's amazing how much we like to be together and like doing the same things.

About the trip - I poured rain all the way down and it rained hard. After we checked into our hotel, which was in a great location we went in search for some lunch. We heard the BBQ was great. We found a place called Corky's and both ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It was pretty yummy. The waiter then asked us if we'd like to try some deep fried pickles? Well, we had seen them on the Food Network after all, so we weren't totally oblivious to them. They were awesome and I would definitely eat them again. If you've never tried them, you must. After lunch we decided to go to the Aquarium since it was still raining. What a great Aquarium, lots of cool stuff like sharks and stingrays and assorted other sea creatures that you can get up-close and personal with. Once we were done at the Aquarium, the sun had come out and the weather was perfect. Luckily it stayed that way the rest of the trip. We spent the next few days wandering around Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains and doing all the usual tourist stuff. We even went up in the Tram that is suspended by wires and takes you up the mountain. What a great view of the town we had.
Although we were gone for several days, it was still wasn't long enough. All we talked about on the way home was how we needed to win the lottery so we could just cruise around this beautiful country taking in the scenery and talking to the interesting people we met along the way.
Oh well, no winning ticket this week. It' s back to reality for us.

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Kelsey said...

Hey! Your pictures from Gatlinburg make me miss it so much!! My husband and I talk about wanting to win the lottery too and moving up there! LOL! So glad you tried the fried pickles..we love those! So glad you had such a wonderful trip! :)