Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hump Day!

Another boring work day. I guess I really shouldn't complain, since I do have a good job that pays very well and there are so many people out of work right now. However, this is my blog and I can do anything I want on it.

On to other things.

1, How come Borders Books sends me coupons every week and I rarely use them? Today I want to get something at Borders and guess what? You guessed it! No coupons so far this week. Maybe tomorrow, they'll send one that's good for the weekend.

2. Tonight should be fairly quiet as we don't have to do any running around. I have some yummy lamb chops marinating and they will be ready to throw on the grill when I get home.

3. I'd really like to finish working on the cards I started over the weekend. Maybe I can even take some pictures of them and post them here. Of course, I have to figure out how to do that.

4. My favorite stamp company Papertrey Ink is doing their countdown to their March releases this week. The 15th of every month, Papertrey releases some new stamps and product. They start having sneak peaks on the owners blog on the 10th of every month. Nichole is a marketing genius as well as extremely talented and can get all us stampers in a wild frenzy leading up to the 15th.

5. Another stamp company I use quite a bit is Stampin Up. Although since Papertrey began a year ago, I tend to buy more of their line.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my Knight in Shining Armour (KISA).

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Amanda said...

Border's always sends out coupons on Thrusday or really late Wednesday. I got one in the store last weekend and it was 20% so the email should be at least that. I always look forward to my coupons. :)