Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gem!

Work has kept me busy the last week or so. Although, all the bosses have been in Germany this past week, it seems that those of us left behind still have to work just as hard.

So glad it's Friday, as the week seems like it really dragged. I think because I knew we're heading up to the cabin for the weekend and I have been looking forward to it. Of course the weather has been exceptional for this time of year but, the temperatures are supposed to take a nose dive tomorrow. It figures as we are getting our new (to us) toy delivered tomorrow and want to take it out to play.
Our very old and very used pontoon boat was lovingly referred to as "The Jewel" and it was in desperate need of replacing. While out driving around and visiting a few marina's, we came upon this snappy little number and it was right in our price range. While it is still an older boat, it is in "like new" condition. To pay homage to our old boat we've decided to name this one "The Gem".
Keep your fingers crossed that it runs as good as it looks and gives my family many years of happy boating. Hope you all enjoy a fun filled weekend.

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